Enjoying some family time, circa 1992 #scaryimmigrants.



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#ScaryImmigrants is an online gallery dedicated to challenging the assumption that immigrants and refugees pose an unnerving security threat to their new communities. 

But we don't. The vast majority of immigrants and refugees lead boringly normal lives - just like you. We throw birthday parties for our children, shovel the snow when it's cold out, eat pizza with our friends, mow our lawns, cuddle with our dogs, turn the pillow over to get the cold side, order coffee with extra sugar, shave our legs...the list goes on.

#ScaryImmigrants is powered by Autobiography Magazine, an online multimedia platform that raises stories from communities that are typically silenced and under-represented in mainstream media and news. It is curated by Aanjalie Collure, a health and human rights advocate from Toronto, Canada.